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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are paychecks issued?
A: Every two weeks. Click here for the pay schedule.

Q: How do I get a copy of or review my paystub

A: Printing a Paycheck through HR Direct

Step 1: Browse to HR Direct

  • In the address bar of the internet browser, type
  •, and hit enter.
  • Click ‘log into HR Direct’ as shown below, enter your NetID and password in the web login dialogue box, and hit enter.

Step 2: View Paycheck

  • Click ‘Select Paycheck’. This will open up a list of paychecks ordered by date. Click on ‘View Paycheck’ for the check you would like to print. This will bring up your paycheck.
  • At the upper right of the page with your paycheck, there will be a button showing a printer- click this to print. If you do not see the button, you may need to move your mouse to the top of the page to see the drop down for the buttons that can be used.

Step 3: Print Paycheck

  • After clicking on the print button, a new dialogue box will appear. This is the print window. Click ‘Print’ and retrieve your paycheck from the printer next to the kiosk.


Q: I had Alternative Retirement (OBRA) taken out of my paycheck. I no longer work at the University, how do I get my money from ING?
A: First you need to call Emilia Garcia in Whitmore at 413.545.6110 and ask her to fax your termination information to ING. About a week after you call Emilia, call ING at 1.800.584.6001. ING will send you paperwork to complete and return to them.